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Inspired by a Solid Asian Philosophy

Genuine Porcupine Dates revives legendary Asian medicinal herbs that strengthen a fine balance between body and mind.

Porcupine Bezoar

Porcupine bezoar date is a well-known natural medicine extensively used by traditional TCM Chinese medicinal doctors and people these days in Singapore, Malaysia and South East Asia countries to help cure various health illness, fever, pain and heal wounds. It is known by various names, such as Porcupine Gallstone, 箭枣馆, Hao Zhu Zhao  or Batu Landak

Can Porcupine Date really Cure Cancer ?Porcupine Bezoar

Such Porcupine Bezoar Stone  which comes in form of porcupine powder  possesses comprehensive beneficial properties and medicinal effects. This benefits of porcupine date powder  and the tradition art of using porcupine bile  are thoroughly documented in article featured in Medical literature, facebook live share, and mainstream news media.
Premium Porcupine medicine  dates are in fact bezoar stones  (aka porcupine gallstone  or Porcupine Stone ) retrieved from around the stomach body of porcupines which are covered with protective quills which is similar to a sharp pin.

Porcupine Dates Price

A single new dose of such porcupine dates  in powder form (approx 0.3 to 0.4 gram) can offer a whole host of health benefits such as anti inflammation, boost body immunization abilities cleanse toxins, treat diabetes, digestive ailments, post chemotherapy recovery which can usually last 1 day.
It is often said to be able to get and fetch a high price now in pharmaceutical shops in main TCM market, such as those Porcupine Date in Eu Yan Sang  due to it highly potent medical healing effect properties and efficacy which is derived from the wild medicinal plant food that they usually search to eat on their own during the day as they age or if they are ill and trying to recover from a disease.

What is Porcupine Bezoars

Most porcupine Date stone available in the market today is structurally composed of several thin layers that look like an onion.
A porcupine bezoar is a dense organic mass of ingested medicinal grass and herbs trapped in an mammal’s internal digestive organs.
Unsurprisingly, the word ‘Bezoar’ literally translates means ‘antidote’ in Persian dictionary.
Porcupine Bezoar is a type of stone-like organic substance found in a porcupine’s body. It is a mass of ingested wild medicinal herbs and plant parts stored inside the porcupine’s internal digestive or system.


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A legendary Medicinal Herb for Strengthening Vitality

Along with our naturally sourced wild porcupine dates bezoars, we offer a complete healthcare journey to your health with holistic and unique rituals guranteed to help you achieve the perfect balance between body and mind.

Why Porcupine Dates?

Inspired by a solid fundamentals of Asian TCM Philosophy to strengthen delicate harmony between nature elements and humans.

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Middle Age Women Regain Health

A True Multi Efficacy Natural Remedy

Find Out How Porcupine Dates Provides For All Your Health Needs.

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Bladder Critical Illness

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Gallbladder Critical Illness

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Esophageal Critical Illness

Holistic Health Vitality From Asian Wishdom

With Genuine Porcupine Dates, You Are Able to Strengthen the Precise Balance between Body and Mind

Porcupine Bezoar Research  

Well Documented Use of Porcupine Bezoars in TCM literature

Sometime in the history of the TCM Traditional Chinese herbal medicine literature, such as《本草纲目》, 《陆川本草》 and《食疗本草》, the porcupine date stone was prescripted to cure patients suffering from terminal ailments.
Its highly potent curative value as a natural Chinese herb is in fact even on par to conventional pharmaceutical medical remedy used for critical illness and diseases such as Cancerous growth.

Expanding Acceptance of Porcupine Dates as a Mainstream Prescription

Among the TCM medical doctors and user circles, porcupine bezoars have in the recent times been increasing in usage and widespread adoption around the Asia region.
Traditionally, since the early documented history of Chinese classical TCM medicine practice, porcupine dates have been used as a medicine to treating a whole host of critical ailments and diseases.

Research Medical Value of Porcupine Bezoar

According to Traditional Chinese medicinal literature, such as《本草纲目》, 《陆川本草》 and《食疗本草》, Porcupine Bezoar dates had been prescribed as medicine by local hill tribes in Southern China and South-East Asia.
Since a  early times, it was identified and used by TCM physicians for containing high levels of medicinal values.
Old Chinese TCM medical documentation text have recorded a long recorded history of the used of Porcupine Bezoar by the local hill tribe communities in Southern China, and traditional Chinese medicine physicians in the South East Asia region.

Potent Medicinal Benefits of Porcupine Bezoar

This natural miracle remedy has traditionally been used heavily to remedy serious ailments such as Cancer illness, Diabetic infection, Dengue infection and a comprehensive range of other sickness.
In addition, it is also strongly beneficial for patients undergoing post surgical recovery to assist them heal from extensive surgical cuts and inflammation 

Curative Benefits of Porcupine Dates

For a very long period of time, the highly magnificent medical effect of porcupine bezoars has time and again been tried and tested by the locals indigenous people in curing many kinds of serious critical ailments and diseases, particularly terminal diseases, such as cancerous tumor growth.

How is Porcupine Dates Formed?

It is created from the mass of ingested medicinal herbs and roots in the animal’s digestive system.
Several scientific research have in recent years revealed that unused bioactive chemical compounds form a stone-like mass inside its body called porcupine date.
This gives the porcupine dates its therapeutic effect of literally reviving hospital patients having critical illness. In some miraculous scenarios, it has also been known for preserving the lives of hospital patients who are literally on the verge of dying. 
Porcupine Bezoar is a type of organically formed stone-like matter found within a porcupine’s internal organs.
Such Bezoars are formed from the slow accumulation of excess organic medicinal matter obtained from the consumption of the herbal plants it has consumed.
As the porcupines are able to extract the active medicinal compounds from the medicinal herbs found and consumed in the wild jungles, the porcupine is thus able to improve its body’s immune system which allows them to effectively heal quickly, fight against any harmful body poisons, Virus or Bacteria infection, or venom its body is exposed to.
The longer a porcupine bezoar is left within a porcupine’s internal body organs, the bigger its overall dimension, medicinal value, and quality.

Formation of Porcupine Dates

The natural creation of the porcupine dates is hugely affected by a range of both internal and external parameters.
Crucial Factors includes important things such as Porcupine’s overall body condition, physical strength and it’s cellular genetic patterns.
External Factors encompasses the environmental habitat in which the porcupine live on.
These resulted in the different appearance of the porcupine bezoar, judged by its smooth texture, brightness, size, and color. The smoother, brighter, bigger and sharper color of the porcupine bezoar date will indicative that it has remained.aged in the porcupine’s body for an longer time period and amassed more medicinal essence, thus of a higher medical value. However, bezoar stone is not found in every porcupine, and if there is, at most only 1 in a porcupine. Thus, this has resulted in the rarity and prestigious value of the Porcupine Bezoar.

Alignment with International Wildlife Protection Efforts

Our organization work closely with guidelines spelled published by animal welfare organization such as WWF, and Traffic Southeast Asia to make sure that our retrieval and trade procurement methods help to protect the fertile replacement rate of the adult porcupine population.

Trained identification of Porcupine Species

Precise classification of wild porcupine species by professionally skilled and trained locals make sure that only the suitable species of the adult porcupine are hunted for porcupine dates.
This makes ensure that endangered species of the porcupine are not captured and freed back into the wild.

Professional Blood Sampling Verification for Chemical Markers

Because not every wild adult porcupines creates dates, every porcupine caught are sampled for their blood to test for the presence of any indicative chemical markers before being sent for extraction of the porcupine bezoars.


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Increasing Popularity of Porcupine Dates

As our pace of lifestyle in modern city life has become more and more stressful and demand more from our body, we have in the recent years observed a steady increase in Singaporeans focus on traditional TCM healthcare.
Because of this trend of rising popularity, premium quality porcupine dates has overtime evolved to become a very sought after TCM medicine.

High Stressful and fast pace of Modern Lifestyle

Due to the high pressure and fast pace of living in modern city life, it has resulted in a variety of lifestyle and environmental factors which are detrimental to our health and general well being.
This includes 
  1. Contamination of air and water with heavy metal & chemicals from traffic pollution and emission from manufacturing processes
  2. Consumption of highly processed junk food which is usually low in nutrient density, high in sugar and salt.
  3. Pressure of fast-paced modern city life, which results in a poor quality of sleep, irregular diets and lack of physical exercise
All these reasons have indirectly caused a whole range of irreversible diseases which modern day doctors and the modern advancement in medical treatment are struggling to cure. 

Porcupine Bezoars from Indonesia

Some of the most sought valuable porcupine bezoars in the Asia presently are procured from porcupines coming from the vast wild rain forest of Borneo in Indonesia.
It is not surprising as the habitat in which the porcupine feed on are largely pollution-free and filled with pristine water streams.
The adult porcupines here consumes wild herbal plants which cause the porcupine bezoars produced there to be of the most sought rarest and highest in medicinal value.

Rarity of Porcupine Dates 

However, do note that in actuality the presence of porcupine bezoar dates is relatively rare and usually does not form inside every porcupine. Even in a scenario where a porcupine date exists within a porcupine’s body, there will only be a one piece, making it a very valuable and rare TCM herb.
The most valuable porcupine bezoars dates are procured from wild-caught mature porcupines found in the natural tropical jungle of Borneo, Indonesia.
The wild porcupine living the largely unpolluted large rainforest eat wild herbs that have high medicinal value causing the bezoars produced here to be of the rarest and highest value.

Porcupine Dates as a Form of Long-Term Wealth Storage – Collection & Stockpiling Value

Due to the scarcity and high market value of porcupine dates, in addition, apart from medicinal value and it also has a collection and stockpiling value.
In some extreme situations, there are some rich individuals who are in also collectors are starting to see the value of porcupine bezoars is even collecting porcupine dates as a form of storing the value to hedge against the rising price.

Classification of Porcupine Dates

The grade category of the types of porcupine bezoar is depends on their environmental habitat and the length of time the porcupine date has been incubated in the internal body of the porcupine.

Types of Porcupine Bezoar Dates

Porcupine bezoar harvested can be generally categorized into the following 3 main types:

1. Blood Bezoar (Perfect Composited bezoar)

Blood bezoar dates are usually formed in physiologically mature adult porcupines, where the blood bezoar dates are internally incubated within the porcupine’s body for a much extended period of time.
Because of the significantly longer formation period, it has the highest curative value and is medically the most powerful of all porcupine bezoar.
Unique Appearance of Blood Bezoars 
In its raw form, it normally has a reddish-brown or brown in color hue. It has a smooth and bright outer surface outer appearance. In terms of overall texture, it is the densest as compared to other types of porcupine bezoars.
Sometimes the raw porcupine dates in its unprocessed spherical form have fine layers of faint stripes surrounding them.
It’s color hue is often characterized by a reddish-brown, pink or brown in tone with a surface texture that is glossy and reflectively polished.
Overall when held by naked hands, it feels more compact and dense relative to the other categories of porcupine bezoars. Some of these porcupine bezoars appear to have multiple paper-thin layers of faint stripes surrounding them. 
Perfect Composited bezoar
Blood Bezoar is a Perfectly composited Porcupine dates have the highest quality in terms of curative value and of course command a higher market price. It is Extracted from fully matured alpha adult porcupines, these porcupine dates have been stored in the porcupine’s body internal digestive organs for a significantly longer period of time. 
Taste Of Porcupine Blood Bezoar
It has pungent smell similar to that of Traditional Chinese herbal medicine.
Although the flavor of the porcupine bezoar is generally bitter in taste, most of our clients also experience a flavourful bitter-sweet aftertaste. 
It has a pleasant yet moderately pungent scent of Traditional Chinese herbs with a bittersweet aftertaste when eaten. The bitterness gradually increases as it dissolved in the mouth. 

2. Grass Porcupine Dates

Grass Bezoar is an entry-level grade porcupine date bezoars. In TCM practice, such Grass bezoars are particularly administered for skin ailments and body heatiness. Although cheapest of all, it also has high medicinal values. 
Semi-perfect composited bezoar 
The various categories of porcupine dates are affected by a range of important factors such as the porcupine’s internal biological makeup, the environmental habitat in which the porcupine finds herbal roots to be consumed. All this strongly influence the organic formation process of the porcupine dates.
Taste of Grass Porcupine Date
It tastes ranges from bitter to bittersweet and can be ground into powdered form. Its curative value is somewhat like perfect composited Blood bezoar but its price is generally more affordable.
Generally, Grass bezoar dates have a taste that is similar to grass. 
Unique Appearance of Grass Porcupine Bezoar
It has the coarsest matt surface amongst the three categories of porcupine bezoar dates, where it has some residual grass-like organic herbal substances structures fibers still slightly visible surrounding it.
Outside external appearance
It’s external appearance is normally brown, greenish-brown to Pink in color tone. In terms of overall hardness, it is relatively softer and a little less dense compared to Powder Bezoar. 

3. Powder Bezoar

Powder Bezoars are usually brown, yellowish or greenish-brown in color. Its surface is rougher and has some grass and roots surrounding it. Externally, it is harder than Grass Bezoar but softer than Blood Bezoar. It tastes bittersweet, and its medicinal value and effect are higher than Grass Bezoar.

Types of Porcupine Bezoars

In the classical TCM practitioners, community, porcupine bezoar bile stone ( also known as Porcupine date) is virtually equivalent to the oriental herbs for curing cancer since the early recorded practice of Chinese Traditional medicine.
Generally, the overall mass of the porcupine date is an reliable indication of the grade and medicinal value of the porcupine date powder.
The various types of Porcupine dates can be largely categorized into
1. Trichobezoars
2. Phytobezoars
3. Pharmacobezoars

1. Trichobezoars

Trichobezoars are semi-digested natural hair fibres

2. Phytobezoars

Phytobezoars are organic fibers originating from wild plant parts such as roots, fruits, and vegetable

3. Pharmacobezoars

Pharmacobezoars are crystallized mass of medicinal compounds.

Beneficial Properties of Porcupine Dates

Porcupine bezoar dates have a broad range of beneficial medicinal properties such as
1. Anti-inflammatory – helps to reduce inflammation and effective for treatment of inflammatory diseases 
2. Anti-oxidative – the anti-aging benefits is great for proactive defence against aging-related illness
3. Anti-diabetic – effective for hypoglycemic treatment to lowers and stabilize blood glucose level balance
4. Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, & Anti-viral
5. Anthelmintic – antiparasitic against persistent parasitic worms (helminths)
6. Immunization boosting – It helps to raise the body’s antibody levels in the body’s blood circulatory system
7. Detoxifying – helps the body to cleanse against harmful toxins

Sources of Porcupines Dates Medicinal Properties

From a biological point of perspective, porcupine dates have a above average density of highly chemically active medicinal essence.

The ability of Porcupine to Seek out Wild Medicinal Herbs

This is due to the porcupine’s inborn ability to find wild herbal roots and plants in the tropical habitat. This effectively enables users of porcupine bezoars to efficiently get the highly beneficial medicinal essence of the wild jungle without the risk of any undesirable side effects.

Testimonial Case Studies of Customers Benefiting from Porcupine Dates

Several testimonial incidences from our loyal clients have time and again proven without a doubt that as one amazing advantages of porcupine bezoar as a reliable alternative to expensive western remedy.
Some testimonial stories of clients benefiting from porcupine dates stone were in fact nothing short quite unbelievable but nevertheless witnessed by us to be miraculously true.

Uses of Porcupine Bezoar Dates

Porcupine Bezoar tried and tested traditional TCM Chinese medicine suitable for practically any kinds of illness. Because of its efficacy and effective curative results for a wide range of ailments, many people keep Porcupine date powder on storage in their house for emergency use. It is also a highly popular treatment that many travelers bring along with them when they fly overseas to business trips in a foreign land.
In this day and age, through the recent advancement of medical research, scientist as well as medical doctors themselves have proven that the porcupine bezoar is medicinally valuable and extremely effective in treatment and facilitating healing of a comprehensive range of illness such as
– Diabetes
– Liver hepatitis
– dengue fever
– Cancer
– Epilepsy
– Typhoid 
Porcupine dates are highly effective and often suited for use as a complementary medicinal treatments for the following conditions:

1. Post Surgical Procedure Recovery

Porcupine bezoars can be used in relieving from commonly seen post-surgery symptoms and infection side effects, such as muscular discomfort, fever and also helps in quicken the recovery of a surgical wound.
Used in relieving post-surgery side effects such as pain, fever and also helps in healing of the wound.
– Speed Boost wound healing process (for both Internal and External wounds)
– control undesirable side effects during the aftermath of an invasive post surgery recovery (e.g. pain, infection, drowsiness, fever) and accelerate the surgical wound healing process

2. Cancer Illnesses

Porcupine bezoars are highly effective in reducing and relieving the side effects of pain & infection caused by post-chemotherapy & radiotherapy medical treatment processes.
It helps the body immunity and blood circulatory system to detoxify and pass out harmful toxic waste materials, and accelerate recovery. Controls and reduces the disease.
Relieves the pain & infection caused by post-chemotherapy & radiotherapy side effects, clears the toxins and helps the immune system in recovering quickly. Controls and reduces the disease.
– reduce unpleasant side effects after a Chemo or Radiotherapy cancer treatment (e.g. pain, infection, nausea, drowsiness, vomiting)
Cancer tumor or cancer prevention in general

3. Dengue Illness

The anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties of the bio- medicinal compounds found in porcupine dates is extremely effective in helping the body to boost blood platelet levels to normal conditions.
 Can speedily reduce the heat and clears the virus. Increases platelet count to normal levels. Help strengthens the immune system for speedy recovery.
– Cure dengue fever, whereby it helps to quickly restore the body blood platelet count and reduce symptoms of high fever.

4. Liver Ailments

Porcupine dates are effective in helping to strengthens the body natural immunity system and in relieving general body heatiness for a speedy recovery from illness.
It also assist to purge and detox the body of harmful waste materials, such as pus, phlegm, and foreign viral infection.
Can relieve heatiness and clear toxins quickly. Clears the puss and disinfect. Help strengthen the immune system for speedy recovery.
– boost liver functionality, cleanse and detox the blood, restore harmony in blood sugar levels
– Detox – remove poisonous toxins in the body blood circulation system
 It also promotes muscle growth, removes toxins, and strengthens the immune system.

5. Inflammation-Related Illness

Highly effective in helping the body immunity system to purge out harmful toxic compounds, waste materials, pus and manifestation of infection.
It is helpful in boosting blood cleansing, overall blood circulation, healing of body muscle tissue, and relieving of muscular pain.
Very effective against toxins, puss, and infection. Helps in blood protection, the growth of muscles and relieving pain.
– Strengthen the body’s immunity system
– Effectively treat contagious bacterial diseases, such as Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD)
– Effectively cure contagious viral illness, such as Chickenpox caused by Varicella zoster virus (VZV)

6. Skin Diseases

Porcupine bezoars are effective for treatment of various skin diseases, such as Acne, Fumor, Eczema, Rashes, Hives
– Tropical skin diseases, such as Acne outbreak due to hormonal imbalance

7. Cardio Vascular Diseases

– Treat Cardiovascular related diseases, such as the strengthening of the weak heart muscle, and reverse/reduce hardening of coronary blood vessels 

8. Gastro Intestinal Diseases

For relieving wind, Heartburn caused by gastric reflux and other gastric-related ailments.
– Treatment of various Gastrointestinal diseases – this includes Reduce internal accumulation of gas and flatulence (excess bloating) in the body digestive system, heartburn, gastric reflux.

9. Promoting Overall Healthcare

Besides treatment of various ailments, porcupine dates is also be used for promoting general health and well-being.
Porcupine dates are also great for working adults who are working late night shifts or suffering from work-related stressors (alcohol, smoking), which can result in irregular sleep patterns.
– it is perfect for adults working in demanding situations, such as jet lag from international business air traveling, working late nights 24hr shift work & work-related stressors.
Disclaimer : 
Please consult your physician prior to taking the product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or having a medical condition.
Results may vary. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your physician.

Types of Porcupines

 At present, Research has established only two types of porcupines family, namely
1. Ground-based porcupine – Those are porcupine that only inhabit and eat on the ground level.
2. Climbing porcupine – Those are porcupine that spends most of their time up in tropical trees canopy.

Interesting Facts About Porcupines

Porcupines belong to the herbivorous category of warm-blooded animals living in the rainforest with a characteristic cover of sharp spines, or quills. These spines serve as at protection mechanism to guard themselves against hungry predators or attacks.
Porcupines favorite food are wild plants and largely feed on wild herbs, tubers and berries. Interestingly they have a liking for bitter-tasting herbal plant parts, as well often after other wild medicinal roots and stems found in the tropical jungle. 
1. The ability of Porcupine to Seek out Wild Medicinal Herbs
It is commonly believed that the highly powerful medicinal benefits of porcupine dates can be due to the wild medicinal herb that the mature porcupine proactively find from the vast tropical rainforest and consume when they are recovering from an injury or disease.
2. Porcupine’s Natural Survival Instinct 
Porcupines are animals covered with pointy spikes. These mammals’ natural habitat is in the tropical jungle in Southeast Asia tropical regions.
In the natural rainforest environment, porcupine has an extremely steadfast survival instincts and has the natural capability to heals fast whenever it is ill or physically injured.
This can be attributed to its typical herbaceous diet, which usually consist of bitter-tasting herbal plant roots, leaves and berries found in their wild environment. 
3. Strong Vitality & Fast Healing Capability
The strong immune system and quick healing ability of the porcupine enables its body to naturally protect itself against bacterial infection or foreign venomous toxic.
This uniquely strong immunity can be associated to its diet where they like to consume are bitter tasting herbs and medicinal plant roots which are abundant in potent medicinal compounds.

Porcupine Quills

1. Defensive Mechanism of Porcupine Quills
Porcupine’s hind are covered with special stiff needle-like quills which functions as an proactive defensive mechanism to pierce and drive potential predators away.
Although the porcupine quills don’t have venom, they do have fine barbs on each tip that tend to expand out as it penetrate the skin of the enemy.
Any movement from the attacking enemy causes the quill to go deeper, thereby making them almost impossible to dislodge without tearing the wound.
2. Angular Control of Porcupine Quills
These spiky quills which are in fact their hair, are controlled by their back muscles has the functionality to control its angle to either lay horizontally down during typical conditions or pointed vertically straight up, perhaps when provoked by a predator.
Each of the non-venomous quills is contained with air spaces. This makes the porcupine buoyant in water when swimming in water.

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