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Inspired by a Solid Asian Philosophy

Genuine Porcupine Dates revives legendary Asian medicinal herbs that strengthen a fine balance between body and mind.

Porcupine Powder

Porcupine Powder Dates is one of the most sought highly popular medicinal bezoar stones and rarest Traditional Chinese TCM herb medicine in Singapore, Malaysia, and South East Asia region in general.
The bitter-tasting porcupine bezoar stone is a popular TCM medicinal remedy which you can usually get in established Chinese pharmaceutical shop and old TCM medicinal halls, such as those Porcupine dates in Eu Yan Sang which are sometimes featured in content topic on medical blog post articles, facebook live call & posts, email newsletter text article and member forum columns.
Porcupine date powder is used to help patient in various types of treatment therapy-related work, provide quick boost of patients immune system, recover from post-surgery, long term healing for a comprehensive range of critical body ailments and cure life-threatening diseases, such as anti Cancer treatment using Porcupine Bezoar, Bacterial infection Inflammation, Dengue Viral fever, Diabetes, Recovery from Post Surgery wound pain, Post Chemotherapy rest recovery and various forms of inflammatory illness diseases that people face without any side effects.
Due to the rarity of Porcupine dates, the trend of reduce in availability and the difficulties in procuring and to find, quality porcupine Medicine dates have quickly become especially sought after miracle medicine and Porcupine date price are generally on the high-end side.

What is Porcupine Dates?

Generally, these Genuine porcupine dates powder and bezoars are a mass of organic ingested herbs food trapped in a animal’s internal digestive tract, usually from the consumption of medicinal grass and herbs during daily search and eating especially when they are ill, suffering from diseases and trying to consume medicinal plants to treat and recover from the disease.
Over a long period, as the adult porcupine age and a period of incubation, a porcupine bile stone is slowly created, which is what we have known as the Porcupine Bezoar
Let us just to share with you, such top-grade red blood porcupine stone, which usually comes in the form of a porcupine powder is a highly rare and high priced type of Traditional TCM medicine is also known in the TCM market by other nomenclatures, such for example
2. Porcupine Bezoar (Hystrix brachyura bezoar)
3. Hao Zhu Zhao, 豪猪枣
4. Jian Zhu Zhao, 箭豬棗
At Genuine Porcupine Dates, our organization only use and sells new original porcupine bezoar date found and retrieved straight from the porcupine’s body originally sourced from places we know in Indonesia. The back of the porcupines is covered with sharp quills which are similar to the metal pin. For your best convenience during consumption, a single dose count of the porcupine date powder is weighted at 0.3 to 0.4 grams
To demonstrate the genuine and beneficial effect of the Porcupine Medicine (aka porcupine date bezoars), we also have been using a full HD definition footage log which precisely show in precisely the entire surgical extraction process that were adopted during the careful harvesting of the Porcupine dates from the stomach during a typical day in the field.
1. FEA Consulting

1. Blood Date 血枣

1. FEA Consulting

1. Antioxidants

Reduce ROS from body

1. FEA Consulting

2. Boost Vitality

Revitalize cellular health

1. FEA Consulting

3. Resilience

Accelerate recovery from illnesses


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A legendary Medicinal Herb for Strengthening Vitality

Along with our naturally sourced wild porcupine dates bezoars, we offer a complete healthcare journey to your health with holistic and unique rituals guranteed to help you achieve the perfect balance between body and mind.

Why Porcupine Dates?

Inspired by a solid fundamentals of Asian TCM Philosophy to strengthen delicate harmony between nature elements and humans.

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1. Culmination of Years of TCM Research

6. Full Knowledge Transfer

2. Holistic Medicinal Herb from Asian Wisdom

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4. Natural yet Resilient Medical Efficacies

4. Proven Track Record

5. Restore Holistic Body & Mind Balance

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Epitome of Nature's Answer to Overall Wellness


See How Our Customers Have Been Using Porcupine Dates To Regain their Vitality And Live a Healthy Live

aging parent care 

Loved Ones Family Health

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Middle Age Women Regain Health

A True Multi Efficacy Natural Remedy

Find Out How Porcupine Dates Provides For All Your Health Needs.

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Pre & Post Operative Care

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

Childbirth & Post Pregnancy Recovery

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

General Healthcare & Wellness

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Body Inflammation

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High Blood Pressure

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Low Blood Pressure

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Coronary Artery Disease

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Coronary Occlusion

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Pulmonary Embolism

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Primary Tumor

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Liver Critical Illness

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Gastric Critical Illness

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Pancreatic Critical Illness

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Kidney Critical Illness

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Bladder Critical Illness

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Gallbladder Critical Illness

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Esophageal Critical Illness

Holistic Health Vitality From Asian Wishdom

With Genuine Porcupine Dates, You Are Able to Strengthen the Precise Balance between Body and Mind

Porcupine Bezoar Medicinal Benefits
Traditionally, since the early beginnings, porcupine date had been extensively used by physicians as a natural medicine by indigenous tribes in the Southern China and South-East Asian region. Olden TCM medical literature, such as as《本草纲目》, 《陆川本草》 and《食疗本草》 had recorded the various prescription and usage of porcupine date Bezoar. It is used as a natural form of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant as a form of immunization booster, as well and medicine for body-detoxification. Presently, with extensive medical advancement and research verification, the usage of porcupine date is proven highly effective and well- known in Chinese TCM society in South-East Asia. It is widely used by the Chinese Malaysian as an alternative medical remedy in the treatment of various critical ailments such as cancer, dengue fever, meningitis, herpes, throat inflammation, pneumonia, and many others.

Porcupine Dates’s Medicine Value

According to the early traditional TCM medicinal records of the pharmacy passed down from our ancestors, local communities have heavily used medicinal porcupine date powder as a mainstream form of remedy for curing various critical diseases, such as blood porcupine dates for curing cancer. Now, with advances in medicine, the study also confirmed the date porcupine is a certain medical efficacy and value. Here are some of its symptoms have a very significant additional medicinal effects. Porcupine dates will heal illness, especially in the following content’s illness.

Various Types of Porcupine Powder Dates

Various Types of Porcupine Powder Dates

Generally, there are 3 different grades/category of Porcupine dates. This includes;

1. Blooded Date 

2. Powdery Date

When the Grassy Dates had been in the stomach of porcupine for some time.
It will eventually become Powderly Date. Not as aromatic and bitter as Grassy Dates.
It is also layered and each layer is thin as paper and easily ripped off.
this type of porcupine date is found in much stronger porcupine. It is of the best quality among all types and hence it is the most expensive type of porcupine dates. It has a smooth surface and it is much harder when compared to other types of porcupine dates.

3. Grassy Date

The most aromatic and bitter of all. Grass fibers can be seen clearly on the dates.
A middle tier product between Grassy-Date and Powderly Date, Grass fibers is less visible but still very aromatic and bitter.
this type of porcupine date has a coarser surface when compared to the other two types. It is of greenish brown color. Although it is among the cheapest porcupine date it is of good quality as well.
The differences depend on the regions where the porcupines are found. Nowadays, the “blooded” is not common. The “powdery” and the “grassy” types are as good.

4. Black Date

Harder and darker, this type of date is much bitter but less aromatic.
Very similar to Powderly Date, but darker.

5. Kernal Date

A date covered by hardened fruit shells. Moderately bitter and aromatic.
Can be very similar to Black Date.

Increasing Demand of Porcupine Dates in Recent Years

Increasing Demand of Porcupine Dates in Recent Years

As we as a society becomes more affluent and educated, people’s increasingly recognizing the importance of good health for longevity and long-term quality of life.
Because of this, the demand for porcupine bezoar is fast increasing in the recent years, as more and more people discover the valuable medicinal benefits of porcupine dates.

Why Porcupine Dates from Volcanic Regions of Sumatra, Indonesia?

We are strictly devoted to only offering the genuine Blood Dates of the highest quality directly imported from the volcanic regions of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Compared to Malaysia, the porcupine bezoar dates that originates from the country have above average medicinal efficacy and quality because the forests in Indonesia are growing on nutrient- dense volcanic soil and are significant larger with a larger selection of wild native medicinal plant herbs and herbs .
This type of natural habitat which the porcupine calls home corresponding results in porcupine dates which have better quality of active medicinal compounds present.

Formation of Porcupine Dates

A porcupine date bezoar is basically a digestive bezoar, slowly formed from an organic mass of ingested food accumulated in the porcupine’s internal digestive tract.
What Do Porcupines Eat?
Once the medicinal herbs are fully digested , the remainder of the consumed medicinal herbs in the porcupine body’s digestive systems will be interacted with its endocrine secretion.
Over a period of time, this accumulation of medicinal herbs and bioactive enzymes form a stone-like matter we now refer to as the world- famous Porcupine dates.
It should be reasonably highlighted that not all porcupines possesses porcupine dates. The proportion of wild porcupine that actually creates a porcupine date is very low at approximately 2 to 3 percent.
Not only In addition, even if there are porcupine dates found in the porcupine, but it would also usually only be just one single porcupine date in a fully grown porcupine. This extreme rarity of the porcupine dates makes them very costly.

How are Porcupine Dates Extracted

Such medical porcupine dates are relatively priced among Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) practitioner as on average only 2 to 3% of the mature porcupine population have the bezoar dates.
Extraction Process Aligned with Animal Conservation Efforts
To ensure that the extraction process of the Porcupine dates are carried out in the most gracious way in alignment to the endangered animal conservation efforts, without endangering the overall wild population of the porcupine.
Pre Retrieval Blood Test
As a precautionary check, all wild porcupines hunted are rigorously checked for the presence of the porcupine dates before extraction.
This is done out by conducting a sample blood tested on the spot to help look for cancer chemical markers which are indicative/suggestive of the presence of porcupine bezoar dates.

Factors Affecting the Grade of Porcupine Dates

The longer a porcupine date accumulates aged in the body organs of the porcupine, the greater the volume of the porcupine date. Corresponding the denser composition of beneficial nutrients accumulated as a result will improve the Porcupine date medical potency, efficacy and quality.
The chemical composition and Medicinal efficacy of the porcupine date is dependent on a number of factors such as
  1. Physique, strength, the genetic structure of each porcupine variant
  2. The environmental habitat of medicinal herbs that the porcupine used for consumption
  3. Time Duration during which the porcupine bezoar is aged in the porcupine’s body
Method to distinguish Porcupine date
Regardless of the different medicinal level of the different types of Porcupine date, there are some unique characteristics of Porcupine dates which anyone can easily examine to assess its authenticity and grade level.
  1. Shiny characteristics
    When carefully inspected under the microscope, the inner and outer surface of the porcupine dates will have a shiny characteristic throughout the fiber particles. These fibers cannot simply be observed by our naked eye.
  2. Overall Shape & Size
  3. Colour & Texture
  4. Taste
  5. Smell

Medicinal Properties & Value of Porcupine date from Wild Caught Porcupine

Medicinal Properties & Value of Porcupine date from Wild Caught Porcupine

Porcupine bezoar that originates from wild-caught adult Porcupines in wild tropical rainforest in Indonesian volcanic area are very rare and highly sought after for it highly potent medicinal properties. Such Porcupine Dates Bezoar is highly effective for the treatment of various health illnesses.
This high medicinal potency can be attributed to the large wild forest habitat in where the Porcupine are able to easily access to and eat a wide spectrum/range of precious natural plant medicinal herbs and herbal roots.
In many ways, the efficacy of the Porcupine dates can be attributed to the medicinal and nutrient essence accumulated from the wild tropical forest habitat.

Documentation in Annual Medical Literature

Its medical efficacy and healing properties have a long and extensive recorded mention of practical usage in the annals medical text of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), such as《本草纲目》, 《陆川本草》 and《食疗本草》. 
According to the Chinese an classical medical TCM literature , the various porcupine body parts such as belly, meat, and glitch are highly valued for its curative properties as it is very effective in its use for treatment of various critical ailments/illness such as
  1. Body heatiness or dampness
  2. Jaundice Edema
  3. Beriberi
  4. Bentun.
According to the《食疗本草》,《本草纲目》and《陆川本草》, medicinal parts obtained from the porcupine body has an extensive recorded of usage for curing of ailments involving the large digestive intestine.
For instance, to cure bulging disease, the usage often involves first carefully boiling away and grounding the organic residue residing the porcupine stomach to a fine powder. This fine powder is then ingested together with a lukewarm medicinal wine medium on an empty stomach.
Many well documented clinical test case lab studies have time and again proven the efficacy of porcupine date bezoars in the curing of critical illness and illness, such as Cancer, Diabetes, Liver diseases.

Documented History of Use in TCM literature

Porcupine date bezoars as a rare and natural medicinal remedy have a well recorded history of use in the local indigenous communities.
Medical benefits of porcupine bezoar dates – According to traditional Chinese TCM medicine records, porcupine dates had been used for medical purposes by our past ancestors and indigenous people.
Presently with the progress of the latest discovery in the medical arena, porcupine date bezoars have recently gained public recognition for its proven curative medical efficacy and curative benefits.

About Characteristics of Porcupine as an Animal

About Characteristics of Porcupine as an Animal

Porcupines are different from Hedgehogs and they are commonly mistaken as each other.

Porcupine is a mammalian that live in forests. It has a coat of sharp spines that defend them from predators. It is a herbivore. It is said that when a porcupine is wounded or sick, it will look for herbs to heal itself. As the healing progress, the bile stone may gradually form in the stomach region.
As the body system, genetic build-up, and the environment where the porcupine gets herbs for healing are different from each other, hence the outlook, the smoothness, the size, the quality, and the colors of the porcupine dates that formed are different.
Overview of Porcupines
Porcupines which is also commonly by the local Malay as Landak have sharp needle-like quills on its body as defensive weapon barrier and are often seen in brown, grey, and white skin color.
Different variants of porcupines have different unique shapes of spines attached to its skin.
Some of the notable types of Porcupine includes;
  1. Old World Porcupines
  2. New World Porcupines
  3. Brown Porcupine
  4. Black Porcupine
  5. Yellow Haired Porcupine

Medicinal Properties of Porcupines

The porcupine is priced not just for its porcupine dates. Its other body parts derived from the porcupine such as the meat, stomach, liver, gallbladder, quill, and fat of a porcupine is also be prescribed as a natural cure for a wide range of illnesses due to its medicinal benefits and naturally nutrient-dense composition.
Porcupine body parts are relatively rich in quality protein, low in fat, and rich in many other beneficial nutrients.

Physiological Capabilities of Porcupines

Porcupines are classified under the rodent family of mammals. They are naturally pure herbivores and are adorned with a characteristic spine used for defensive purpose. In addition to that, they can perform various interesting bodily abilities such as
1. Self Healing
Porcupines have a strong self-healing ability which gives them the capability to recover quickly from physical injuries and illness.
2. Self Detoxification
Porcupine also generally have a strong life force and vitality that allows it to recover and heal itself quickly from a broad variety of illnesses .
This impressive abilities of porcupines can be attributed back to their eating habits, where they actively instinctively search for out wild bitter herbs and plant roots in their tropical forest habit to eat.

Differences between Old World Porcupines & New World Porcupines

Old World porcupines have their quills in stalks, whereas New World porcupines (American porcupines) have their quills in their hair.
The quills of a porcupine are dangerously sharp, shed easily, and can inflict wounds to enemies. The end of each quill has a small barb that snags the flesh, keeping the quill stuck in the enemy’s skin.

Classification of Hedgehogs Species

Hedgehogs are warm-blooded animals belonging to the specific category of Erinaceidae, with the European hedgehogs being the most abundant. European hedgehogs are usually found in European regions, North Asian territories, Southern China and over the Yangtze River basin.
Hedgehogs usually hibernate during the winter period and are notoriously referred to as “Melon Thief” by residents in Sunan.

Structural Characteristics of Hedgehogs

Like the porcupine, hedgehogs are also characterized with a long and pointy mouth, with fine fur covering its head, tail, and bottom.
Most of the hedgehogs are five-toed and plantigrade, while a minority of the remaining hedgehogs possess four-toed limbs and legs.
Fully grown Hedgehogs have 36 to 44 sharp tooth which forms a complete set of teeth and prey on a range of wild insects.

Defensive Mechanism When Ambushed

The hedgehog is completely covered with short, thick spikes on its back body surface. Those are similar to pin needles and extremely sharp.
When the hedgehog is ambushed by predators, it instinctively rolls up into a ball and quickly erects the sharp quills stick up as an effective defensive barrier.


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How do I take a Porcupine Date?

How do I take a porcupine date?

Recommended Dosage:
The ideal amount of daily dosage depends on the severity of the sickness and individual health status.
When the recommended administration frequency and dosage are followed, it is usually enough to see some visible improvements on your physical conditions.
Below is our frequency recommendations based on the severity of the sickness:
1. Light ailments
For less serious, we advice taking it at Once to 2 times per day, with each dosage at 0.3g.
(eg. Cold, Viral fever, General Headache, relieving wind, gastric heartburn)
2. Moderately Severe ailments
For mildly serious ailments , we strongly recommend consuming it Two times a day.
(eg. Lung inflammation, physical pain, High Fever, Lymphoma, skin diseases (such as acne, Herpes Complex), fumor, hardening of coronary vessels)

3. Critical Body illness

For Critical physical injuries or medical ailments, we recommend consuming it Trice times a day.
(eg. Chemotherapy treatment for Cancer (eg. Blood Cancer, Lung Cancer), influenza, Diabetes, Viral Encephalitis, Kidney Swollen, Retention of fluid in the lung, Post-surgical Operation recovery (eg. Caesarean, Brain Surgery) )
4. Consumption for Proactive & Preventive Purposes
In the event that you have to undergo an extremely mentally stressful event, we advice taking one to 2 capsule (0.1g) before proceeding with the event.
This includes high-stress events such as
  1. Transnational traveling with long hours which is disruptive to the biological clock
  2. Students undergoing important examinations
  3. Working adults facing work-related stress such as Hangover due to late working hours, exposure to smoke, and excessive drinking of alcohol
* Recommended dosage per consumption base on age group
The following weight dosage is a recommended measurement based on Classical Chinese medical practice.
Children : 0.1 ~ 0.2 g per dosage (Half pack a day)
Adult : 0.3 – 0.4 g each time (One pack a day)
(1 g = 2.67lbs(pound ))
(1 pack = 0.375 g)

Recommended Administration Method for Porcupine Powder:

Recommended Administration Method for Porcupine Powder:

Depending Base on your personal preferences and lifestyle, there are various ways in which you can consume the porcupine bezoar powder

1. Directly Placement underneath Tongue

You can place a single dosage of the powder beneath the tongue for a few minutes to let the medicinal drug slowly absorb and diffuse directly into the body circulatory bloodstream via the thin membrane underneath the tongue.
This is best done on an empty stomach, and sipping some water or beverages during the consumption process.

2. Mix in Water

The porcupine date medicine can be consumed as a water-powder tincture . The recommended ratio is 1 dosage powder to 3 parts water. Once the porcupine bezoar powder is introduced and dissolved into the water mixture , make sure to mix thoroughly to ensure a homogeneous mixture is created.

3. Pill capsule

Swallowing the porcupine bezoar powder with a capsule form, swallowed whole is a very convenient and easy way to enjoy the porcupine date.
*Empty Stomach
To get the maximum medical benefits of the porcupine dates, we strongly recommend consuming it on an empty stomach .
When ingested whole on an empty stomach before meals or before bed time , it is able to enhance body digestive absorption of the active compounds contained in the porcupine date powder.
*Food to avoid
During the consumption of the porcupine dates, it is best to avoid the following food to prevent any food-Drug interaction. This includes foods, such as Pineapple, White radish, and Green tea.
*Way to Recommended Storage Method
To preserve the effective shelf life and medicinal potency of the Porcupine date powder, it is best to place in air-tight storage containers and sealed it. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight rays, humid environments or storage in the fridge.

Efficacy of Porcupine Dates

It isn’t elixir vitae that healed patients suffering from terminal illness but a cure that could heal all kinds of diseases.
It has been confirmed in clinical trials that porcupine dates can, in fact, heal terminal illnesses and save lives. The rarest and most precious porcupine dates are usually found in Indonesian forests.

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